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Works of Alan A. Lanis, Jr in Richardson and Patel

16 Apr

Details on Richardson and Patel LLP

The firm’s practice area are broadly categorised into two parts that is transaction group which includes activities like the real estate transaction, international business, employment and labour law, investment advisors, business law, equity funds, mergers, acquisitions, corporate financing etc.and the second part that is litigation group includes litigation of real estate, professional liability, securities, business and commercial litigation, environmental and insurance coverage, all the broker disputes and construction litigation.

The company has its office spread over New York, Orange County, Los Angele’s and in some other places as well.

Duties discharged by Alan in the firm

Alan A. Lanis represents all the sectors including real estate where he approaches each matter keeping in mind the business focus. He has handled a number of disputes and employs multidisciplinary approaches for providing broad category of experiences in very complex transactions of real estate. From commercial leases to unique large scale sales and purchasing, to debt and finance restructuring.

Due to years of handling and experience of Alan Lanis, today he is able to serve the variety of industrial sectors like financial services, life science, energy, software, etc.

Alan A. Lanis, Jr has a record of practising law in the past from international firm of Boone and Haynes,LLP. He received A.B and J.D. from the universities of Brown and Texas law school  JR Lanis is also contributor to legal publications and articles including a whole chapter on the concept of clean technology in legal treatise of energy law, transactions in 2009.



About Alan A Lanis

11 Apr

Richardson and Patel LLP is one of the best organizations that help people in handling of their legal matters and solving their problems.

Alan A Lanis   is one of the most well known professional of this organization; he deals with the private equity financing, public offerings, acquisitions and mergers. He has basically practices in the corporate world and handles the problems being faced by the public and private organizations.

Mr. Lanis also known as JR Lanis represents the various public and private organizations and financial investors which include real estate, life sciences, software, energy and also financial services.

He has years of experiences handling the legal and financial matters of public and private companies. Before to joining Richardson and Patel LLP, Mr. Anal was practicing at the International Law Firm of Haynes and Boone LLP. Apart from being a professional at Richardson and Patel LLP, Mr. Lanis JR is also the author and contributor to various legal publications and articles. He also written a chapter on Clean Technology in the Legal Treatise Energy Law and Transactions in the year 2009.