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Introduction to the world of legal matters by Alan Lanis

31 Mar

This blog is updated by Alan Lanis. With the fast growing world, the legal matters are also increasing on a rapid rate. There are many different organizations in the world that are engaged in the handling of these matters. One such organization is Richardson and Patel LLP. This firm has built a culture and has engaged many professionals and one of the most known professional is Alan Lanis. He is an associate with the firm who practices and focuses on the handling of the venture and private capital, mergers, acquisitions, financing and also other kind of public offerings.

Alan A Lanis completed his college from the Brown University in the year 2004 and got engaged in the University Of Texas School Of Law and completed his studies here in the year 2007.

Being in the Law School, Lanis was also the editor on the Texas Journal of Energy Law, Gas and Oil. Holding a membership from the State Bar of Texas and Houston and American Bar Associations, Alan A. Lanis, Jr is considered to be one of the million lawyers present in the United States of America. Prior to joining the Richardson and Patel LLP, A. Lanis who is also known as he practiced as a lawyer at the International Firm of Haynes and Boone LLP.

He is a very professional JR and basically, represents the private and public companies and also investors of various organizations and industries which include life sciences, energy, financial services, software and also real estate.